Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Blue Line

Happy Thanksgiving!  This is the look I wore yesterday.  I apologize for the lack of great pictures.  It just didn't work out like I'd hoped.  The wing here isn't tremendously ambitious, but it did give me some anxiety!  I am totally not sure about the shape. Again, please feel free to help me out with any tips or constructive advice.  I'd love to learn and hope to keep improving.  :)

It is odd to me how my Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #1 eyeshadow (on the lid underneath Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Vision) is primarily gold, with just a tiny hint of blue, and the tester at my Sephora, where I bought it, is primarily blue with a hint of gold!  I'm kind of bummed, as much as I love gold.  I suppose that is the kicker of having multi-color mixed shadows.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation Porcelain
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1
Illamasqua Concealer 115
Korres Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder

Givenchy Bucolic Poppy
Nars Hungry Heart (pink side)

Nars eye primer
GA ETKI #1 Blast of Blue (lid)
Chanel Id'O Vision (over top of Blast of Blue) <3 - super sparkly love it so much
UD liquid liner Sabbath
UD liner pencil Binge
GA ETK waterproof black pencil (waterline)
Stila Stay All Day black liner pen (tight line)
Anastasia Go Brow pencil
Fiberwig D.J.V Beautenizer Volume Lash
Givenchy Phenomeneyes waterproof (lowers)

UD Lip Junkie Lip Gloss Jilted <3

I'm testing out a sample of the Korres mineral foundation and I think I like it!  The color seems about perfect and it wore nicely on me through the day.  It did get shiny on my nose after I'd had it on for a full day, but that's not a total deal breaker for me.

If you haven't tried the Urban Decay Lip Junkie glosses, I insist that you must.  They are among my favorites!  They stay on a decently long time, they are minty cool and fresh, they actually and I mean seriously actually plump up my lips over the long term, they hydrate, and they come in some pretty nice shades.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a safe and wonderful holiday!


  1. I'm jealous of how lovely blue liner is on you. For some reason on me, it always seems to fade my eyes and emphasise my dark circles... Looks amazing on you, though!

    1. Thanks, dear! It's always a challenge to keep the under eye looking fresh and un-oogly when wearing blues and purples, 'tis true!!

  2. So gorgeous. I love the shape you did with it!

    1. Why thank you! It's starting to grow on me....days later. :P

  3. i'm gonna recreate this one day. i'm in love with colored eyeliner, and your pairing with the gold shadow is just perfect!


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