Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yo Huge Post

I'm still here!  Still slapping random makeup on my face most days.  :)  This is a big ol' catch up sort of post.  You know you love it.  I'm going to hit on key things used for each look, as my poor brain can remember.  Feel free to ask about anything specific - I may or may not be able to clarify!

This first look features the Wet 'N Wild Comfort Zone palette.  It's my first time using Wet 'N Wild shadows!  Hooray!  The texture is a bit odd to me, but overall I really like them.  The lip gloss is BareMInerals Moxie in Dynamo and I believe the blush is Vincent Longo Sandalwood.  Also, I used the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Jungle as liner.

Below is the same look, way later in the day, but with Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo on my lips!  It absolutely has a touch of purple/plum to it in real life but I simply cannot get it to photograph properly.  I don't own Gigolo...yet.  :)

The next look is a funky one featuring Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #15 lipstick.  The eyes feature some shades from the UD Vice palette.  Blush is Illamasqua Morale.  For foundation, I mixed Kat Von D Lock It 42 with YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat BR20 (better wear and color than Lock It alone, but still started to break down after about 8 hours).

There is actually no purple involved on the eyes here!  The bit on the lowers that looks purple is just dark grayish eyeshadow smudged over a magenta pencil.

Above and below features the Too Faced Smoky palette (top row + white), Smashbox BB Cream in Fair, BECCA Gypsy blush, UD Smoked eyeliner pencil, and Fresh Sugar Rose.

Below, is an after work, worn and tired face!  I'm wearing Dr. Jart + Renewalist BB Cream over Benefit's stick primer (one or the other or both gave me some oxidization), Givenchy Bucolic Poppy blush, and Dior Aurora 01 bronzer.  The lipstick is YSL Glossy Stain #14.

Close up on the eyes shows RBR Solstice Halcyon on the lid, RBR Umber Firefinch in the crease and on the lowers, RBR Alabaster Starling in the inner corner, and Milani Blue Definition LE pen liner.

Below is just an eye closeup where I'm wearing BareMinerals The Truth quad, which pulls so warm on me!  I have the MUFE turquoise pencil liner in my waterline topped with Makeup Geek Poolside eyeshadow.  The top liner is Stila Smudge Stick in Damsel.  Check out my naked brows!  Just clear Perfekt gel in them.

This next look is a strange one.  I think it looked even better in person.  I used Lorac's 3D-licious eyeshadow single, which is close to MAC Club.  I put Illamasqua Static pigment in my inner corner, which was super weird but I ended up liking it.  Bobbi Brown Blackberry eyeshadow provided depth in the crease, outer corner, and on the lowers.  I'm wearing Illamasqua Lover blush and Tarte Moody lipstick blotted.

The liner is a black glitter pencil from Tokidoki and I tried out naked brows yet again, with just clear gel.  I think I'm done with that phase now.  Ha ha!

Okay - love this next one!  I used Tarte AC Stellar blush, Sephora + Pantone Astral Glaze in Arabesque on the lips, and Tarte's True Blood palette on my eyes.

I'm digging how the blush, eyes, and lips all came together.

Next is a simple look using Illamasqua's Ore Pigment, Stila Sparkle liquid liner in Rock Candy, and Dior Addict Gloss in Diablotine.  Unfortunately I've no idea what blush I used here.

I know I started the eyes with the BareMinerals Prime Time brightening eye primer, which provides a soft gold sheen all over.

Well, friends, that is all for now.  I hope you enjoyed all the looks!  Thanks for stopping by.  :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mauvewood in Action

Dr. Jart + Renewalist BB Beauty Balm
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1
Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder

Dior Aurora 01
Illamasqua Katie
Laura Mercier Baked Matte Radiance Highlight 01

WnW Fergie eye primer
Tarte SmolderEYES chubby pencil Silver Black (lid base)
Shu Uemura Prestigious Bordeaux palette
- dark purple on the lid, blended into crease
- lavender on the inner crease
- beigey tan as transition
- coppery brown smudged into lowers
- sparkly gold on inner lowers
UD Smog e/l pencil on lowers, under shadow
Stila Smudge Stick Damsel (waterline)
Stila black liner pen (tightline)
Hourglass Arch Soft Brunette
Perfekt clear brow gel
PTR Lashes to Die For mascara (base)
Guerlain Maxi Lash
CG Clump Crusher water resistant (lowers)

Sephora + Pantone Astral Lip Glaze "Mauvewood"

I love this!  I'm only grumpy with myself for not seeing that my inner crease on my left eye was badly in need of blending/toning down.  Well, to be fair, I did see it as soon as I was in my car on my way to work!  Something about that car mirror reveals all truths.

I wish the camera had better captured the really cool multi-colored shimmer of the purple shadow on my lids.  The silver glitter in the base is dominating where I feel in person it was much more delicate, dimensional, and just plain magic.  Yes, to me, pretty shiny sparkly = magic.

What do you think of Mauvewood?  Lovely, isn't it?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lady at Play

UD Naked Skin Beauty Balm
MUFE Lift 11
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1
Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder

Dior Aurora 01
GA Fluid Sheer #6 (blush)
GA Fluid Sheer #2 (highlight)

WnW Fergie eye primer
L'Oreal Infallible e/s "Gold Imperial"
RBR Abyssinian Catbird (crease/outer corner)
Lorac e/s Posh (brow bone, blend out edges)
Illamasqua Liquid Metal Solstice (inner lowers)
UD Smog e/l pencil (lowers)
Tokidoki e/l pencil "Marrone" 
Jordana black pen liner (tightline)
Anastasia brow powder duo Ash Blonde
Hourglass Arch Soft Brunette
Guerlain Maxi Lash
CG Clump Crusher water resistant (lowers)

UD Ozone l/l
MAC Lady at Play
I also put a little Fluid Sheer #2 on my cupid's bow

Okay!  I'm starting to fall behind.  This is me making a concerted effort to catch up.  :)  Wish me luck!  And I hope you like this look.  Of other importance - I tried the UD BB, as primer, here.  It was not as orange or scary as I had initially thought it would be.  Yay!  It also did a nice job of keeping my makeup in tact through the day.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sephora + Pantone Astral Lip Glaze Gloss Set Swatches

I decided that I just had to have this Sephora + Pantone lip gloss set.  The duochrome pulled me in!
It's $24 at Sephora and the set is Limited Edition, but of course.

Mauvewood is my favorite so far.  I adore it!  Yesterday I wore Arabesque, which is really nice, too.  The repetitious swatches you are about to see are in the same order as the names shown above and are on the back of my hand, near my thumb.

Sorry that Brandied Melon got so stuck in my little hand hairs!  :P

These smell very sweet, like frosting of some sort.  The smells fades pretty quickly for me.  They have no flavor.  They have kind of a doe-foot type applicator (flat, though).  The best part?!  They wear like champion amazeballs rockstars.  I'm not even kidding.  They don't bleed, they are very lightweight, and they fade oh so evenly and perfectly hour by hour.  You can still see it nicely on the lips five hours after application, albeit not as intense and without the glossy shine.

They absolutely have not dried my lips in the least.  I would not call them hydrating, either.  They don't bunch up funny or create weird wear lines on the inner parts or corners of the lips.  They coat the lips easily, without needing endless dips for application.  The duochrome is subtle but creates a really pretty, soft iridescent sheen.  The feel on my lips is interesting.  It's hard for me to explain or describe.  I do sense a kind of lacquer layer, if you will, but it's very light and comfortable.  I really can't compare it to anything else I can think of!

Are you kind of dying for some lip swatches or faces with these?  Well, I know Scrangie has a few pictures up.  I have a look with Mauvewood that I should be posting very soon, too.  Bottom line:  I DO LOVE SO VERY MUCH.  I'm slightly put off by the look of Brandied Melon and it's so similar to Arabesque, as well.  I wish it had been a deeper, vampy red!  But alas, it's a really nice set and I'm sure I'll be reaching for these a lot now.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eclipse Eagle

Nars Light Optimizing primer (under eye)
Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Primer Fair
Illamasqua Concealer 115 (spots)
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1 (under eye)
Nars Light Reflecting Powder Loose

Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless bronzer
Illamasqua Hussy
Sephora Microsmooth Luminizer 01 Stardust

WnW Fergie eye primer
Inglot AMC Pure Pigment loose e/s #35 (lid into crease)
RBR Eclipse Eagle (crease)
RBR Snowy Egret (inner corner)
MUG Shimma Shimma (brow bone)
Lorac Posh e/s (transition)
RBR Volcano Fairy-Wren (outer corner)
UD Oil Slick e/l
UD Ether e/l (lowers)
Stila Stay All Day black liner pen (tightline)
Hourglass Arch Soft Brunette
PTR Lashes to Die For mascara (base)
Dior Iconic Overcurl 
CG Clump Crusher water resistant (lowers)

Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain Flush

There's just something about this that I can't put my finger on - I look feverish?  Maybe it's the blush.  In any case, I really like the eyes.  I think Eclipse Eagle is going to be a versatile taupe for me!  Gotta love a taupe that loves you back.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Love #9

Smashbox More Than Primer
Givenchy Photo'Perfexion 1 Perfect Ivory
Illamasqua Concealer 115
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1
Nars Light Reflecting Powder Loose (everywhere except cheeks)

Dior Aurora 01 (light contour)
GA Fluid Sheer #9 (blush)
GA Fluid Sheer #7 (highlight)

WnW Fergie eye primer
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Illusoire (lid into crease)
Sephora Baked Moonshadow palette "In the Night"
- "silver" (crease and smudged into liner on lowers)
- "platinum" (center of lid, over Illusoire)
- "onyx" (outer "v")
- "whie gold" (inner corner highlight)
Too Faced Ever After e/s (as liner on uppers)
Stila Smudge Stick Triggerfish (lowers)
Stila Stay All Day black liner pen (tightline)
Sephora Microsmooth Luminizer 01 Stardust (brow bone)
Hourglass Arch Soft Brunette (tail only)
Anastasia brow powder duo Ash Blonde
Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base
Givenchy Noir Couture Waterproof

Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain "Flush"
GA Flash Lacquer Black Pearl 701

My apologies if you see any slight mascara smudges under my eyes.  Apparently the Noir Couture Waterproof is a no-go for my lower lashes.  Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with this look!  I'm a little underwhelmed with the #7 Fluid Sheer as a cheek highlight, but I'm super overly pleased with #9 as a blush!  I think I will try #7 in some other ways before I make up my mind for certain on it.  If you have and love that one, please let me know how you like to use it!

I need to give Illusoire more love.  It seems like it's showing the first signs of wanting to dry up.  I mean, just barely.  It's not quite as cushy as it used to be, but hasn't pulled from the edges of the jar or anything.  It's such a fantastic and beautiful color.  Right this moment, I'm feeling like there are too many beautiful eyeshadows and not enough eyes, not enough days.  Been there?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fyrinnae in the Morning

This one is hot and now!  I literally still have this makeup on my face, as I type.  Sorry I disappeared for a while.  Things just got really rough with my personal life...and they still are, honestly.  It's hard to care about makeup when life feels like it is spinning out of control.

Back to the makeup.  I took these pictures at about 7:10 this morning.  It was gloomy out, so the light sucked.  Also, you may have noticed my super drama eye shadow shape.  That was thanks to tape.  I had this idea that doing taped eyes would somehow be easier - would allow me to have my cake and eat it, too (that is, have dramatic, cool eyes with minimal effort).  I'm not so sure about that, now, after the fact!

It was fun for a change of pace, though.  I can say I totally love this really angular shape on my eyes, but it definitely stands out.  I also think my color placement with the three different shades was sloppy.

Red Panda (the shade in the center) looks kind of pinky-coral here but seemed more red to me in person.  My eyes look extra awesome with the pool reflecting in them!

I know what you are going to say.  You wish I had blended out the edges more.  Right?!  Well, I have to agree.  And Lord knows I did try.  Probably the Pixie Epoxy made it harder to blend and no doubt the super sharp line I got from using the tape also made it a challenge to soften the edges.

GA Maestro Fusion 3
Illamasqua Concealer 115
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1
Fyrinnae Fluff (under eyes and in the t-zone)
Fyrinnae Sunkissed Finishing Powder

Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless Bronzer
Illamasqua Ambition
Sephora Microsmooth Luminzer 01 Stardust (dupe for Nars Albatross)

Wet 'n Wild Fergie Eye primer (this is really great!)
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Sake & Sashimi (outer half lid and crease)
Fyrinnae Red Panda (center of lid and crease)
Fyrinnae Shenanigans (inner third of lid)
Lorac Posh e/s (brow bone and to blend edges)
Stila Smudge Stick Damsel
Jordana brown pen liner (tight line)
Hourglass Arch Soft Brunette
Givenchy Noir Couture waterproof

Stila Color Balm Lipstick Isla

The bottom line here is that I would do a lot of things differently if I did this look over again.  Mostly with my eeeeyyyyeees, which I am clearly obsessing over!  The rest of the face I quite like.  :)

Also, if you've not yet seen Fyrinnae eyeshadows in person, you are missing out!  They are just so super sparkly duochromey amazingly pretty.  Go get you some.