Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sephora + Pantone Astral Lip Glaze Gloss Set Swatches

I decided that I just had to have this Sephora + Pantone lip gloss set.  The duochrome pulled me in!
It's $24 at Sephora and the set is Limited Edition, but of course.

Mauvewood is my favorite so far.  I adore it!  Yesterday I wore Arabesque, which is really nice, too.  The repetitious swatches you are about to see are in the same order as the names shown above and are on the back of my hand, near my thumb.

Sorry that Brandied Melon got so stuck in my little hand hairs!  :P

These smell very sweet, like frosting of some sort.  The smells fades pretty quickly for me.  They have no flavor.  They have kind of a doe-foot type applicator (flat, though).  The best part?!  They wear like champion amazeballs rockstars.  I'm not even kidding.  They don't bleed, they are very lightweight, and they fade oh so evenly and perfectly hour by hour.  You can still see it nicely on the lips five hours after application, albeit not as intense and without the glossy shine.

They absolutely have not dried my lips in the least.  I would not call them hydrating, either.  They don't bunch up funny or create weird wear lines on the inner parts or corners of the lips.  They coat the lips easily, without needing endless dips for application.  The duochrome is subtle but creates a really pretty, soft iridescent sheen.  The feel on my lips is interesting.  It's hard for me to explain or describe.  I do sense a kind of lacquer layer, if you will, but it's very light and comfortable.  I really can't compare it to anything else I can think of!

Are you kind of dying for some lip swatches or faces with these?  Well, I know Scrangie has a few pictures up.  I have a look with Mauvewood that I should be posting very soon, too.  Bottom line:  I DO LOVE SO VERY MUCH.  I'm slightly put off by the look of Brandied Melon and it's so similar to Arabesque, as well.  I wish it had been a deeper, vampy red!  But alas, it's a really nice set and I'm sure I'll be reaching for these a lot now.

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  1. These lipgglosses swatch so beautifully! Unfortunately, shimmer and duochrome are not flattering on my lips, but I love how unique they are anyway.


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