Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jungle Eyes

This look started with Laura Mercier's Jungle Caviar Stick.  I used is as a base all over my eyes and blended it with a Sephora Platinum cream eyeshadow brush.  It's also on my outer lower lash lines.

I used Urban Decay eyeshadows in Graffiti (the bright green) and Underground (blended above the crease with my much loved Shu 8HR).  Sephora Prisma Chrome eyeshadow in Moonbeam (the pink version) was my brow bone highlight.  The black liner is Urban Decay Perversion pencil and Stila Stay All Day black pen for tightlining.

The new things I'm trying out?  You know me, I love to try new things.  :)  I'm testing Too Faced's BB cream in Snow Bunny and also used Anastasia's brow powder duo in Ash Blonde/Taupe (the lightest shade only).  I'm not used to using brow powder on myself, but I think I did an okay job.  Hopefully I will get better with practice!

Too Faced Beauty Balm Snow Glow
Illamasqua concealer 115 (spots)
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1 (under eye)
Korres Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Light Year

Nars eye primer
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Jungle (base)
UD Graffiti e/s 
UD Underground e/s
Sephora Prisma Chrome Moonbeam e/s (pink version)
Stila Stay All Day black liner pen
UD Perversion e/l pencil
Benefit They're Real
Givenchy Phenomeneyes waterproof (lowers)
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo Ash Blonde/Taupe

Tarte LipSurgence Luster in Buff

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gray Day

The lighting is not quite right in these pictures.  I look greenish!  Maybe the pool is reflecting onto my face somehow.  In any case, I did enhance the color on the photo below, which seems closer now to how the colors looked in real life.  None of the other photos have been enhanced.

I did a really quick eye with Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #21 Obsidian Grey and purple liners (Stila Purple Tang on the lowers and a purple Cargo Swimmable on the uppers).  I also used my beloved Stila Stay All Day black liner pen for extra intensity.  Obsidian Grey is a really pretty grayish, blueish, silverish color.  I believe I used RBR Alabaster Starling e/s for the inner corner highlight.

On my face, I'm sporting Korres new and not yet released Quercetin & Oak foundation in 00.  I was lucky enough to score a sample this week and am really excited about trying it!  It matches closely and wore well through the day.  It also makes the skin look extremely smooth and soft.  On my cheeks, I'm wearing Illamasqua Unrequited and Nars New Order.  My lipstick is Tarte's Luster in Adored (my go-to shimmery baby pink color).

Below are flash pictures of my eyes from Friday morning (early in the morning).  This is one of my favorite eye looks and I don't often repeat any eye look but have done variations on this several times.  It started with Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Mirifique as my base, then Too Faced Midnight Mist on the lid and into the crease, followed by Too Faced Poison Orchid on the lowers.  I used some Stila black pen liner, as well.  Also, I wore Hourglass' new brow pencil in Soft Brunette!  It's darker than I'm used to, but I think I really like it.  It's more neutral/cool than the Tarte pencil I normally use.

I've not liked these Too Faced single shadows on their own, but holy crap do they shine when layered over a darker base!  Amazing.  I just remembered that I used Too Faced Violet Femme to blend out the crease and just above.  You can hardly tell (if at all), though, and it's not a very pigmented color.  It's quite powdery also.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

NEW new Caviar Sticks

Here are quick swatches of the newest new Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks!  From left to right, they are:  Grey Pearl, Pink Opal, Seashell, and Mint Snow.  I swiped them on the inside of my arm, back and forth several times each.  I did not blend them out or touch them at all.  These photos were taken in warm, late afternoon sunlight.

Grey Pearl is a taupe, as you can see!  It looks very brown here, and I'm curious to see how it will look on my eyes.  There is definitely a bit of grayness to it, but it's not overly or evenly primarily gray.  Seashell is an odd pastel yellow gold.  Mint Snow is definitely green, but does take on a slightly blue appearance at times (perhaps it's just my cell phone camera!).  Pink Opal is straightforward - sparkly light pink.

I expect these will all make for quick and easy eye looks.  I'm hoping to incorporate them into my routine to allow for more bright and bold lip choices!  Not to worry, though, I wouldn't dream of giving up my complicated and dramatic eye looks.  I just gotta have my variety!  :)

I hope these swatches are helpful and I expect you may see me wearing some of these in looks in the near future.  In case you wondered, I purchased these at Nordstrom, in person.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Many Faces

I really would like to stop being a slacker about my posts.  Really.  But for now you'll have to cope with a random catch up featuring several different faces.  This first one features Tom Ford Diabolique lipstick.  It's the most intensely pigmented and matte of my Tom Ford reds.

On my eyes is Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick in Rosegold, some smudged black Sephora liner, and Stila's glitter liner in Golden Silver (LE Japanese, if I'm not mistaken).  I used Sephora Prisma Chrome eyeshadow in Moonbeam (pink version) as a highlight.

This next one features Tom Ford Slander lipstick.  My face is looking extra pink in the DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 (in real life it looked pretty natural).

The amazing eyeshadow you see is Addiction Thriller and the also stunning eyeliner is Stila Smudge Stick in Bluefin!  I love this so so much.

Lastly, I'm wearing a dramatic emerald smoky eye.  This was really fun for me to do.  I almost always have the most fun when I do super dramatic eye looks.

I used Stila's Smudge Crayon in black as a base, which really helps the green (Envy) to pop and gives it awesome depth.  Makeup Geek's Shimmermint eyeshadow is in my inner crease and on the inner half of my lower lash line.  Makeup Geek Envy is on the lid and lower lashes.  I used Rouge Bunny Rouge Whispering Ibis to blend out and above the crease.  Tarte's skinny pencil in Emerald fit perfectly onto my water line.

I kept the lips simple, using one of my favorite lip gloss formulas - Urban Decay Lip Junkie.  Midnight Cowboy has a really beautiful champagne shimmer that my pictures do not capture.  Also, it feels so comfortable and hydrating on my lips!

I started using a lip brush to apply my Tom Ford red lippies and I have to say, WOW, what a difference!!  It takes me longer to apply (or so it seems), but the end result is far superb to free-handing it with the bullet.  I get a really crisp line.  The reds have all worn spectacularly on me, so I don't know if applying with a brush extends the wear, as I've heard it does.  I would not doubt it.  I think I'm officially in love with the Tom Ford lipstick formula.  And applying with a brush!  Who knew?!

Oh, and for you blush fanatics out there, my blushes, in order of appearance, were:  Givenchy Bucolic Poppy, Becca Dragonfruit Beach Tint, and Illamasqua Naked Rose.

Thanks for stopping by!  Do let me know if you have questions or thoughts about anything.  :)

Friday, January 18, 2013


This smile reminds me of many childhood pictures.  It's my silly fake yet sweet smile.

My poor hairs are badly in need of a cut!  I'll be doing the Bumble and Bumble model thing again next month, so, if only I can make it until then.  :)

Tom Ford  Go and get some RIGHT NOW!  And then cry for your poor wallet.

DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001
Illamasqua concealer 115
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1
Vincent Longo Velour Pressed Powder Faire

Stila Rose Gold Liquid Luminizer
Givenchy It-Girl Purple

Nars eye primer
RBR Solstice Halcyon (lid)
RBR Umber Firefinch (crease)
RBR Delicate Hummingbird (smudged into liner on lowers)
RBR Alabaster Starling (inner corner)
RBR Lilac Reef Curassow (inner crease)
Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma (brow bone)
Sephora Flashy e/l Ultra Violet (lowers)
Essence Gel Liner London Baby
Stila Stay All Day black liner pen (tightline)
BareMinerals Round the Clock e/l 5PM (water line)
Tarte Taupe brow pencil
Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
Benefit They're Real
Givenchy Phenomeneyes waterproof (lowers)

UD Ozone lip liner
Tom Ford Aphrodisiac

I love this look.  I don't think taupes are the best color ever on my eyes, but I like the purple included and I feel like it's a nice natural-yet-dramatic sort of eye.  I also don't think it competed too terribly with the nearly neon bright pink lips!  I hope.

The new Dior BB Cream photographed beautifully, don't you think?  My nose got really shiny through the day, but I now realize it was an error in powdering.  I've since worn it with my beloved Korres Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder over top and that kept nearly all shine at bay.  I'm almost out of that powder!  I will buy a new one because it's so darn awesome on me.  If you ever peek at it in person, do not be put off by the shimmers, please!  It doesn't look shimmery on the face at all.

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think of this look or anything that's on your mind!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Narcotic Rouge

Smashbox Dark Spot Correcting Photo Finish Primer
Stila Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 Fair
Illamasqua concealer 115
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1
Korres WR Mineral Setting Powder
Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Paradis

Vincent Longo Dew Drop blush Temple Peach
Sephora Prisma Chrome e/s Moonbeam (pink version)

Nars eye primer
Sephora new Prisma Chrome Outrageous Metallic Lilac 
Sephora Prisma Chrome Moonbeam (pink version)
Stila Smudge Stick Triggerfish
Stila Stay All Day black liner pen
Stila Smudge Stick Silver Dollar
Tarte Taupe brow pencil
Benefit They're Real
Givenchy Phenomeneyes waterproof (lowers)

Stila Long Wear lip liner Passionate
Tom Ford Narcotic Rouge

So, I absolutely love Narcotic Rouge!  It wore extremely well and while my lips were somewhat dry, especially toward the end of the day, it was completely tolerable.  The color is most accurate in the last picture - a vivid, bright, and rich red with a hint of cherry coolness.

I also seriously love the Sephora Prisma Chrome Outrageous Metallic Lilac eyeshadow.  It's duochrome and shimmery, so those two elements alone had me from the get-go!  The color, pigmentation, wear, and ease of blending were all noteworthy, as well.  I have plans to try it over a black base for a more dramatic look.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tom Ford Lipstick Family

If you've not yet seen my previous Tom Ford lipstick swatch post, you can check it out by clicking HERE.  You'll need to scroll down a bit for the TF lippies.  Also, RIP my poor Black Orchid lipstick.  I had to return it to the CCO as it was rancid (soooo sad), so it's no longer part of the fam.  I intend to re-purchase it some day, but am in no hurry as it's freaking spendy and not LE.

From left to right, they are shown the same as the labels pictured up at the top:  Aphrodisiac, Diabolique, Slander, and Narcotic Rouge.  If you are wondering about my manicure, you can find out more by clicking HERE.  :)

Every time I swatch red lipsticks, I feel like they all look exactly the same.  What I mean is that the swatch pictures do not show off differences well.  I get points for trying, though, right?!

Slander (second from the right) has a mesmerizing shimmer, which I don't feel is properly showing here.

Now for all of them together!

Aphrodisiac, Diabolique, Slander, and Narcotic Rouge are limited edition, which, is the big reason why I purchased them all recently (fear of never finding them again later on and regretting it).  I'm really looking forward to wearing them in future looks - hopefully this week!

If you have not tried Tom Ford lipsticks yet, I definitely recommend that you check them out.  They are absurdly expensive at almost fifty dollars each, but a worthy luxury splurge.  They smell like vanilla custard pudding - almost sickeningly sweet (it doesn't really bother me).  They all glide on effortlessly with excellent pigmentation and staining powers (some stain more than others, of course).  I've not experienced noticeable feathering or wicked uncomfortable drying with any that I've tried so far.  Wear time is very good for me and they feel very light on the lips.

What do you think about Tom Ford cosmetics?  I hope these swatches will be helpful to some of you.

Caviar Stick Family Photos

These are my Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks.  Shoot, I have a lot.  I do not own Khaki or Smoke.  I find these versatile as eye shadow, eye liner, and colored base.  They blend easily and last a very long time for me.  I don't particularly like how they feel on my eyelid when I use them as a simple wash.  For some reason I really feel it there - like, it's almost tacky.  However, I am able to forget about it and the fact that they wear so well and look gorgeous on makes up for that for me.

These swatches were done straight from the tube, so to speak, and I did not blend them out at all.  The names that have an asterisk by them are/were limited edition.

I was most curious to compare Golden and Sandglow.  You can see that while they are not exact dupes (thankfully for me!), they are quite similar.  Golden is a little lighter than Sandglow.

Below are a few pictures in indirect natural light.

Now, just for fun, I've included swatches of my new Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liners.  They are similar to Caviar Sticks but have a smudger on one end and do require sharpening.  I've worn Metallic Marble so far (over Nars eye primer), and did experience some creasing on my occasionally crease-y left eye.  For that fact, I am going to say that these are perhaps less tenacious than Caviar Sticks, at least on me, at least thus far.

I'm quite smitten with these colors!  They are super shimmery and Lapis has spectacular copper shimmer!

Is Metallic Marble a dupe for a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick?  Not exact, but it's gosh-darn close to Sandglow.  I think Metallic Marble is smidge more shimmery, but the pictures here show that they are close enough that no sane person will need both.

I hope this was helpful!  Let me know what you like, love, or dislike.  What are your favorite Caviar Sticks or Smashbox Shadow Liners?  How do you like to wear them?  Will you be picking up any of the new Caviar Stick colors?