Sunday, January 13, 2013

Caviar Stick Family Photos

These are my Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks.  Shoot, I have a lot.  I do not own Khaki or Smoke.  I find these versatile as eye shadow, eye liner, and colored base.  They blend easily and last a very long time for me.  I don't particularly like how they feel on my eyelid when I use them as a simple wash.  For some reason I really feel it there - like, it's almost tacky.  However, I am able to forget about it and the fact that they wear so well and look gorgeous on makes up for that for me.

These swatches were done straight from the tube, so to speak, and I did not blend them out at all.  The names that have an asterisk by them are/were limited edition.

I was most curious to compare Golden and Sandglow.  You can see that while they are not exact dupes (thankfully for me!), they are quite similar.  Golden is a little lighter than Sandglow.

Below are a few pictures in indirect natural light.

Now, just for fun, I've included swatches of my new Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liners.  They are similar to Caviar Sticks but have a smudger on one end and do require sharpening.  I've worn Metallic Marble so far (over Nars eye primer), and did experience some creasing on my occasionally crease-y left eye.  For that fact, I am going to say that these are perhaps less tenacious than Caviar Sticks, at least on me, at least thus far.

I'm quite smitten with these colors!  They are super shimmery and Lapis has spectacular copper shimmer!

Is Metallic Marble a dupe for a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick?  Not exact, but it's gosh-darn close to Sandglow.  I think Metallic Marble is smidge more shimmery, but the pictures here show that they are close enough that no sane person will need both.

I hope this was helpful!  Let me know what you like, love, or dislike.  What are your favorite Caviar Sticks or Smashbox Shadow Liners?  How do you like to wear them?  Will you be picking up any of the new Caviar Stick colors?

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