Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tom Ford Lipstick Family

If you've not yet seen my previous Tom Ford lipstick swatch post, you can check it out by clicking HERE.  You'll need to scroll down a bit for the TF lippies.  Also, RIP my poor Black Orchid lipstick.  I had to return it to the CCO as it was rancid (soooo sad), so it's no longer part of the fam.  I intend to re-purchase it some day, but am in no hurry as it's freaking spendy and not LE.

From left to right, they are shown the same as the labels pictured up at the top:  Aphrodisiac, Diabolique, Slander, and Narcotic Rouge.  If you are wondering about my manicure, you can find out more by clicking HERE.  :)

Every time I swatch red lipsticks, I feel like they all look exactly the same.  What I mean is that the swatch pictures do not show off differences well.  I get points for trying, though, right?!

Slander (second from the right) has a mesmerizing shimmer, which I don't feel is properly showing here.

Now for all of them together!

Aphrodisiac, Diabolique, Slander, and Narcotic Rouge are limited edition, which, is the big reason why I purchased them all recently (fear of never finding them again later on and regretting it).  I'm really looking forward to wearing them in future looks - hopefully this week!

If you have not tried Tom Ford lipsticks yet, I definitely recommend that you check them out.  They are absurdly expensive at almost fifty dollars each, but a worthy luxury splurge.  They smell like vanilla custard pudding - almost sickeningly sweet (it doesn't really bother me).  They all glide on effortlessly with excellent pigmentation and staining powers (some stain more than others, of course).  I've not experienced noticeable feathering or wicked uncomfortable drying with any that I've tried so far.  Wear time is very good for me and they feel very light on the lips.

What do you think about Tom Ford cosmetics?  I hope these swatches will be helpful to some of you.


  1. I've only purchased two of his lipsticks so far (Black Orchid and Reckless- the other LE red) and I'm trying to resist buying more.

    1. Kate, I thought I was going to be able to resist until I swatched some of these LE ones in store last weekend. Maybe you can stay safe if you keep away from actual testers!!

  2. WOW! The LE Reds are stunning! I would really like to pick up those reds, but boy, are they spendy little things.

  3. Haha, You made the right choice. They're stunning, Lauren! Looking forward to seeing these on you :)


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