Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recent Swatches

Hello, again!  I thought I would post some recent swatches I've done of random things.  They are all recent purchases for me.  These first ones are of the Tarte Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Clay Blush set.  I immediately fell in love with Angelic, Magic, and Fantastic.

The surprise of the set was Stellar, which I was worried about not liking.  I've worn it in several more bronzy looks (you may recall), and was happy to find that I really like it for that!  I don't imagine I'd want to wear it on a regular basis, but I'm actually glad to have a beige blush in my collection now.

I admit that Tarte AC blushes don't swatch all that great.  I find them to be much more impressive on the cheeks in actual wear.  I've heard people complain that they seem chalky.  I don't find that to be true, but I can see why they might say that.  I personally really like them on my cheeks.  They are easy to blend, natural looking, have amazing colors, and always last all day for me.

Angelic is so much prettier in person!  It's got a gold to pink iridescent shimmer that is just drool-worthy.  I can see myself using it a lot.  I do wonder if Magic might be dupey to Illamasqua Hussy.  I'll have to compare them at some point as I own both now.

Next up are my Dior Diorific lipsticks!  I splurged and bought all four.  Limited edition stuff definitely makes me crazy.

These pictures were taken in late afternoon/early evening light, so I apologize for any issues with that.

The packaging is silly and over the top for me, personally, but I like the actual lipstick so much that I can deal with it.  They remind me of little light bulbs somehow.

Diorling was my first buy.  It's a dark and classic red.  I wore it here.  It's a no brainer awesome red.

I tested out Marilyn today, just at home.  It's on the far right.  Marilyn is a really stunning bright cherry red on me.  It makes my teeth look white and lovely.  I very much like it!  They all have a beautiful, easy texture going on.  They feel light on the lips and wear very well.

Lady, the second from the right, is the one I have some worries about because it's a little muted and brown, compared to the others.  It's really hard to tell in my swatches - my apologies for that.  I'm up for the challenge of figuring out what kind of face to do with it, though.  It'll be good!  Diva seems to have more orange to it.  It's really firey, bright, and intense looking.

Now for the Tom Ford lipsticks!  These are very recent additions to my collection.  I happily stumbled upon them at the local Cosmetics Company Outlet store the other day.  What a great find!

Can you see the little micro-shimmers in Smoke Red and Bruised Plum?!  So PRETTY!

I like the packaging.  It's elegant and clean.  The lipsticks don't seem to have a scent or flavor (I forgot to mention that the Diorifics above do have a perfume scent).

These colors swatched smooth and creamy like dream butter!  I've only worn True Coral so far, but it went on nicely, was very pigmented, and it wore well.  I'm very excited to try out the others!

Smoke Red looks a little like Dior Marilyn, doesn't it?

Black Orchid reminds me of my Addiction Vamp lipstick.  I want to compare them.  Also, I absolutely adore the Black Orchid perfume.  I'm just nuts about it.

True Coral reminds me of Illamasqua Scandal (more orange, I think) and Tarte Spirited (perhaps less orange).

Bruised Plum doesn't so much remind me of anything, although I'm sure I must have some similar colors.  I'm just really getting into the vampy berry/wine colors now, so I'm not as well-versed about them.  Just maybe it will destroy my desire for Nars Scarlet Empress!

Are there any Tom Ford lipstick shades you really love?  Rants or raves on the formula?  I find most every lipstick to be somewhat drying.  Neither the Diors nor the Tom Fords seem to be overly or excessively drying for me (like Lancome Rouge in Loves), so that's good.

I hope you enjoyed the swatches!  I definitely take too many pictures, I know it, but I hope it is helpful for someone.

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