Friday, October 19, 2012

Dragonfruit with Glitter

This will be a shorter post as I didn't get hardly any decent pictures of myself this go around.  Some days are like that.  It was a simple look, anyway, so I don't need to go on and on about it!  What I like most here is the tinted moisturizer (Amore Pacific), the lip color, and the purple glitter, of course!

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Tinted Treatment Moisturizer 102 Fair
Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1 (under eye)
Korres Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder

Guerlain Terracotta Light Blondes 01
Addiction Revenge
Dior Amber Diamond

Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
RBR Alabaster Starling (inner corner)
RBR Angelic Cockatiels (all over)
Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma (brow bone)
Stila Stay All Day black pen e/l (tightline)
Urban Decay Rockstar e/l pencil
Urban Decay glitter liner Metalhead
Fiberwig D.J.V. Beautenizer Volume Lash
Clinique Bottom Lash
Tarte Taupe brow pencil

Becca Beach Tint Dragonfruit
NYX Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe Paint the Town

Okay.  So I don't like how Angelic Cockatiels looks out of control frosty in a bad way up to nearly my brow bone!  Good grief.  I can only say that I thought it looked better in person - but, ya know, that may or may not be true.  In any case, I hope you'll forgive me for that lapse in judgment.

The Amore Pacific tinted moisturizer is so dreamy, I simply must rave!  It goes on like silky smooth buttery face perfection (do you really want butter on your face - no, you do not - bad analogy).  It lasts all day, as well, which is an absolute must for me.  I even bothered to get hot and sweaty at work, so that was a great test for wear.  The coverage is a very nice light with a radiant but not overly dewy finish (if that makes sense).  It has the typical Amore Pacific scent going on, but fades away pretty quickly.  It also has a hefty price tag!  Oh boy.  For now, I'm enjoying a sample.  I definitely recommend that you get a sample if you can.  It is worth the trouble.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment if you have anything to say - even, "Lauren, never ever wear that frosty eyeshadow that high up again!"  :)

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