Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Epic Wings

Alright.  I just had to title this post the way I did because these are my biggest wings to date!  Go me!  I have wing fears.  Wing issues.  I'm trying to work through them.

I used YSL's black cream liner and a small angled brush from Tarte (I probably got it in a QVC set).  The angle of the brush seemed to help do some work for me on the actual wing.  Nothing is perfect here, but I'm mostly happy with the way the liner turned out.

Please share all your winged liner tips with me!  I'm game to try anything that will help build my confidence.  Also, I never know what to do with my lower lash line.  Do I put liner on it as well?  And what kind?  Do I line the inner rims?  Obviously I lose all sense of direction when it comes to doing winged liner on myself.  I opted to just use a little shadow softly on the lower lash line and a brightening pencil on the rims.  I think I probably could have used more definition after all - maybe a pencil liner.

Armani Face Fabric primer
MUFE Lift 11
MUFE Lift concealer 1
Illamasqua Concealer 115
Korres Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder

Nars Sin
Sephora Prisma Chrome e/s Moonbeam (pink version)

Nars eye primer
Tarina Tarantino e/s duo Moon Opal & Iris Plume
Lorac Baked Matte Satin e/s Chic (brow bone)
YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils 01 Black
Stila Stay All Day black liner pen (tight line)
Tarte Taupe Brow Pencil
Fiberwig D.J.V. Beautenizer Volume Lash (this stuff is awesome, BTW)
Givenchy Phenomeneyes waterproof mascara (lowers)
Tarina Tarantino e/l pencil Broken Doll (waterline)

UD Ozone lip liner
Armani Lip Maestro 201 Dark Velvet

I have a few disappointments from this look.  Nars Sin blush did not wear well on me at all.  It faded noticeably through the day.  Also, the Dark Velvet lip color did not wear as good on me as the other Lip Maestros I've tried so far.  It faded on the fat part of my lower lip (the pillowy part in the middle, if that makes sense) after only a few hours.  It didn't look awful by any means, but not as gorgeous as the other colors.  It also felt much drier to me, if that's even possible.  I'm thinking maybe I was internally dehydrated, but I'm also wondering if the formula could vary due to pigment differences?!  I'm not sure, but it's worth noting.

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  1. Your wings look great! I just found this tutorial a few days ago and it's worked really well for me. I sucked at wings before. haha

    1. That is a really nice tut! Thanks so much! I don't normally use a pen style liner for wings, but this is making me want to try. :)

    2. I used a normal liquid liner with mine. I traced out the lines with a pencil and colored it in with the liquid. I was surprised at how well they came out...I have been trying to master winged liner for forever! haha


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