Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mullet Makes it Better

Well, don't I look bronzy or something?!  My friend at work asked me what I was wearing because she said, "You look tan.  You look good!"  It's just mineral powder because I was in a hurry!  I also have to laugh at the white glow around my hairline - which is decidedly from the Yes! to Blueberries SPF 30 moisturizer that has tons of zinc and/or titanium in it and looks like white paste going on.  It's nearly impossible to blend away and has obviously left it's mark on me.  It's not my favorite moisturizer by far and I think I'll be better to save it for days with higher humidity.

The latest Armani Lip Maestro is Ecstasy 504, which has nearly freaked out my camera.  It's a bold and almost neon fuchsia.  A colleague thought it looked sort of red, as well, but I'm going with fuchsia.  This one is true love!!  The formula and wear were fanfrickintastic!  It's odd, but the feel and wear of this one is much nicer than that of Dark Velvet 201.  Further experimentation is warranted.

I used my Bare Minerals The Star Treatment eyeshadow palette for this look, as well as various Urban Decay eyeliners.  Go Mullet, go, go, go Mullet!  That's the green glitter.

I tried a slightly different eyeshadow shape than normal.  I was not feeling well when I did my makeup, so I'm not sure what inspired that exactly - accident is the most likely cause.  What do you think?  Is it good on me?  I think I like it.

Armani Face Fabric primer
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1 (under eye)
Illamasqua Concealer 115 (spots)
Korres Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder (under eye)
Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder Ultra Light
Guerlain Meteorites du Dragon

Guerlain Terracotta Light Blondes 01
Illamasqua Naked Rose
Nars Hungry Heart (pink side) - I wish you could actually see this twinkling under bright light!

Nars eye primer
BareMinerals The Star Treatment eyeshadow palette (three colors used - I can find out names if you need or want me to)
Stila Stay All Day black pen liner (tight line)
Urban Decay e/l pencil Mildew
Urban Decay glitter e/l Mullet!
Urban Decay e/l pencil Baked
Korres Volcanic mascara
Tarte Taupe brow pencil

Armani Lip Maestro Ecstasy 504 <3

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