Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Winged Eyeliner Chronicles

I cannot remember every single thing I used here, but I know most of it.  I'm going to just list it off, if that's okay!  Boscia SPF 50 (first time using it), Dr. Jart+ BB Cream V7, Nars Light Reflecting Powder Loose, Dior Aurora 01 Bronzer, BareMinerals Rose Gold Radiance as blush, MUFE Star Powder #940 as cheek and eye area highlights, Chanel Illusion D'Ombre New Moon (lid), Kat Von D Monarch palette (Papilio, Shadow Box, and Wrath), RBR Gracious Arasari eyeshadow, Physician's Formula Booster Pen eyeliner in Ultra Black, and Fresh Sugar Berry Lip Treatment.

The last picture was taken in fading evening light in an attempt to capture all the sparkly, multi-dimension goodness of New Moon.  I have not accurately captured it in any of my pictures so far, but it has iridescent sparkles that flash different colors (gold, green, red, orange - that sort of thing).  I absolutely adore it and have not had any troubles with creasing or excessive fallout.  You can see a little bit of fallout above, but not anything major for about 10 hours of wear.

The Boscia SPF was a bit of a surprise dislike for me.  I am, however, torn on it.  It's really white and makes me look whiter than normal.  I got it all in my hairline and it felt awful and sticky there until I washed my hair.  I really felt the sunscreen on my face the entire day - not very pleasant.  But, the good news is that it kept me (and more importantly my annoying nose) quite matte all the long day.  I might be willing to try it out again through the hot and horrible months here, which we are very much into now.

Shall we talk about my eyeliner here?  I think we should.  You know I'm kind of obsessed with getting better at doing winged eyeliner.  This was a specific attempt to do a shorter than normal wing length.  I used a different approach than my norm by lining from the inside part of my lid to the outer winged part.  Usually I like to do the wings first and then go back for the rest.  My verdict is that it worked out really well!  I think any shorter and my crease would have eaten up the wing.  I'd like to try them a bit thinner next go around.  Maybe.


  1. I think you know how much I love winged eyeliner right? And yours is totally amazing... you should do a tutorial! ;)

  2. Anne - you are really good at winged liner and I love it on you!! :) Thank you so much. I hope I can get more adventurous and do some tutorials at some point. I appreciate your encouragement!

  3. Love it!!!! Love what you did with your eye makeup. Love the mix of colors with the combination of the winged liner that looks so amazing on you. Yeah you should do some tutorials and we love to see it.


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