Tuesday, August 26, 2014

YSL Fusion Ink B10

I'm going to attempt to keep this short and sweet since I'm kind of tired.  I do want to share my thoughts about trying the new YSL Fusion Ink foundation, though, so TA-DA!  Here it is and here I am and I'm happy to say that overall I am quite pleased with it.

I'm wearing B10 here and have applied it using my fingertips.  It feels very silky and slippery, much like the Armani Maestro does.  This one has a bit more coverage, though, and also takes a little longer to dry down, which gives you a good amount of play time to blend and move about.  The finish is very velvety smooth, but not dry or flaky.  Keep in mind that my skin is relatively normal, but I do have a dry skinned friend that is loving this formula as well (and I am surprised at that, really).  I think with good skincare underneath, even dry skinned folks could potentially enjoy this formula.

It did not emphasize pores or texture issues for me (and it's worth noting that I'm having all kinds of texture problems right now).  The coverage is light to medium in my opinion.  And the wear is really decent.  I chose not to blot my nose today to give it a sturdy test, and only toward hour eight and beyond did I notice any real shine on my nose.  It wasn't obnoxious shine, either, and the foundation beneath had not disintegrated, separated, or otherwise misbehaved to any significant degree.

The color match is ridiculously nice on me, would you agree?  It seems to be a very neutral shade and I'm liking that.  Any extra pinkness to my skin that you see is really just my naturally pink skin showing through.  I'm going to wager that B10 is similar to an N10-15 in "MAC" terms.

Here's a full break down of products, if you are curious.

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer
BECCA Ever Matte primer (just on nose)
YSL Fusion Ink Foundation B10
MUFE Full Cover 1 (spots)
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1 (under eye)
Nars Light Reflecting Powder Loose

Dior Aurora 01 Bronzer
Stila Custom Color Blush Coral
Holika Holika Highlighting Blush Twinkling Kitten

Wet 'N Wild Fergie Eye Primer
Essence Metal Glam N'Ice Frosting (lid)
Stila Rain (crease) and Air (brow bone) from In the Know palette
Stila Stay All Day liner in Paradise Pink
Stila Stay All Day liner in black (tight line)
Sephora Contour Eye Pencil in Blonde Ambition (inner lowers)
Kat Von D Immortal Lash mascara
UD Perversion mascara
Tarte Brow Architect Taupe
Milani clear brow gel

Holika Holika Twinkling Kitten (cupid's bow)
Guerlain Rouge Automatique Reflex

I leave you with one last thought about the YSL foundation, and I think this goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway.  The applicator is absolutely bone chilling and a giant faux pas for me.  I just can't handle the thought of slapping that little wand onto my face and then plopping it back into the bottle.  ICK SQUIG help us all!!!  If I end up getting this foundation I will absolutely not be using that cray applicator to apply it, which makes the whole thing slightly inconvenient and awkward for sure.

As per my usual, I'm going to test this out a little further and see if I'm still liking it so much.  I'll be sure to update here if my initial thoughts change.


  1. Hey! Can I pick your brain? I'm using BB Skin in Alabaster now, as well as KGD Aqua in the old PK-0. Do you think this would be a match for me? The formula sounds really nice! I didn't even consider this one because I assumed YSL formulas were too dark for me! (Also because I can't decide between this, the new LM, and the new Dior Star formulas. WHICH TO PICK?)

    Anyway, this one looks great on you, but then again, you can sell me anything.

    1. Hi Adele! I would say to get the YSL! I like the new LM but the colors are goofy and not as perfect as this one. Also, I haven't seen the Dior Star yet, but I'm guessing the lightest will be too dark (hoping I am wrong). In any case, I am pretty confident that you will love this shade because I also use and love Aqua PK-0! I hope this helps you out some. :)


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