Thursday, April 18, 2013

Purple Hurts So Good

GA Fluid Master Primer
VL Water Canvas Porcelain
Illamasqua concealer 115 (spots)
BareMinerals Stroke of Light Luminous 1 (under eye)
Nars Light Reflecting Powder Loose

Dior Aurora 01 bronzer
Stila Custom Color Blush
Tokidoki Luminosa

Nars eye primer
BareMinerals Ready eyeshadow quad The Dream Sequence -
cream - inner corner and brow bone
matte purple - lid
iridescent purple - crease and smudged into liner on lowers
shimmer taupe/purple - a tiny bit on the inner lowers
UD Perversion pencil e/l (uppers with iridescent e/s smudged into it)
UD Psychedelic Sister pencil e/l (lowers, under iridescent e/s)
UD Asphyxia pencil e/l (waterline - pointless, should have skipped)
Stila Stay All Day black liner pen
Hourglass Arch Soft Brunette
Benefit They're Real!
CoverGirl Clump Crusher water resistant (lowers)

Lip Fusion gloss in Crave (these fo' sho do plump!)

Not long after I took these rather lovely pictures my eyes began to water and became irritated.  I couldn't say which of my multiple of purples caused the problem, but they continued to water and be angry for many, long hours.  I regret that I did not just take it all off, despite being busy at work.  I digress.  Most makeup lovers probably know that purple pigments can be dicey as they often contain red pigments, which are notoriously irritating to the eyes.  I find that about half the time I'm just fine and half the time I'm not.  In any case, I shall not give up on purples.  I love them too, too much!  Today I've let my eyes rest and recover and I will be back and up to no good with the purples again tomorrow, no doubt.  :)

How fab does the Vincent Longo Water Canvas foundation look in the photos here?  I'm impressed.  It was getting a little oogly on me around the nine or ten hour mark (some shininess and mild breakdown), but really, that's not shabby at all.  Also, that might have been the primer's fault.  I still haven't decided how well the Armani does for me in terms of longevity, while I know I do love its silky feel initially.  Also, I am so pleased with how the Water Canvas literally feels cool, moist, and refreshing as it's being applied.

Let me know your thoughts about any of this!  And thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fantastic use of the purple family. That lid color is to die for and works nicely with your skintone. A homerun for sure!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it.


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