Sunday, September 30, 2012

Icy Cool with Orgueil

This past week has been totally crazy!!  I am still tired from it.  Here is a face I did last Tuesday.

I intended to merely tightline my eyes, but ended up lining them more fully.  I was trying to paint the tops of the base of my lashes with my Stila Stay All Day pen and ended up hitting the edge of the lid as well.  I hate that my mascara doesn't always get the tops of base of my lashes perfectly black and since my lashes are naturally quite blonde, it's not exactly attractive that way.  In any case, it kind of ended up looking like fake fake lashes, don't you think?  The line mimics a band!

My face is really flushed here, thus I look super pink.  Additionally, the pressed Guerlain Meteorites compact I used is a rosy tint, which only added to the pink problem at this juncture.  Also, I did not fill in my brows at all that day, and was pleasantly surprised that no one seemed to notice them (or notice that they were missing).  I believe I was also able to pull this off due to the eye makeup being not very dramatic overall.

Miracle Skin Transformer Light
Guerlain Meteorites Compact Powder Teint Rose 01
I'm not sure what under eye concealer I used here - I think MUFE Lift 1
Korres Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder (over concealer)

Tarte AC Fantastic
Tarte AC Angelic

Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
GA ETKI #22 Ecailles (lid and blended into crease)
GA ETKI #23 Madre Perla (inner corner)
Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Fantasme (patted on over center of lid)
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Sterling (smudged into lower lash line)
Lorac Baked Matte Satin e/s Chic (brow bone)
Stila Smudge Stick e/l Silver Dollar (waterline)
Stila Stay All Day black e/l pen (tightline and upper lash line)
I'm not sure what mascara I wore here!  I think Benefit They're Real
Clinique Bottom Lash

Guerlain Rouge G Extrait Orgueil

I have mixed feelings about the icy eyes.  I like that they are different for me but I also feel like they are lacking somehow.  The uber-sparkliness also did not translate in my pictures, unfortunately.  I do enjoy the contrast with the eyes and the lips.  The formula on the Rouge G Extraits is very nice - smooth, light, and comfortable on.  The packaging, of course, is silly and annoying, if you ask me.

The compact Meteorites powder was also a deviation in my routine.  I normally only use it when on vacation or while traveling (neither of which I do often).  It looked slightly too pink overall when I was not flushed, but nothing too noticeable.  Perhaps it would be better over a more yellow base to balance things out more.  Also, perhaps it would work better with a less blatantly pinky pink blush!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to ask questions about anything.  I'm going to try and play catch up from last week's looks over the next couple of days.  Wish me luck!

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